Significance of 3D Visualization in the Architectural Field

About 3D Rendering & Visualization :-

  The most eminent change in the architectural field is 3D Architectural Rendering & Visualization. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Architect, Civil Engineer, Builder or a Contractor if you know the importance of it, you will be heading this sector.

  The 3D visualization is basically created using two pillars of software that is modelers and renderers. It starts as a 3D model which is presented by a series of flat geometric shapes, which are connected in 3-dimensional space. These shapes are termed as polygons. These are the essential part of any digital 3D model. You can use different software like Rhinoceros 3D, Google SketchUp, or 3DStudio Max for creating 3D models.

  As we know 3D architectural visualization, also referred to as 3D architectural rendering and is the illustration of a building layout using a programmed software that features special characteristics. 3D rendering is the 3D computer generated graphics or process of automatically converting 3D wire frame models into 2D images on a computer, by giving properties such as texture, color, and material etc.

  It may include photorealistic effects or non-photorealistic rendering. It incorporates all architectural drawings from the rudimentary ones such as sketches to more complex 3D building and design representations.

Importance of 3D Visualization :-

  The ultimate goal of acquiring any new technology nowadays is to make things easy, comfortable and to generate business from it. This technology helps you to represent your projects easily. You can make your clients understand what is the project exactly and how it is going to appear after construction. And if you can get quality 3D visualizations done for your upcoming project then it increases your chances of getting the client.

  3D Power is such a company in the field of 3D Architectural Rendering & Designing. We recently completed 18 years of success in this industry and looking for many more to come and working with the global client’s. We believe that it is the greatest opportunity we have to help our clients to visualize their dream into reality with world class quality.

3d Exterior Rendering of bungalow
3D Exterior Rendering of Bungalow

3D Design rendering of a Bungalow
3D Design Rendering of a Bungalow

Bungalow design rendering day view
Bungalow Design Rendering Day View

3d exterior design rendering of a bungalow
3D Exterior Design Rendering of a Bungalow 

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